Many of the relationship way of life done in Uzbekistan are also preferred inside Europe

Many of the relationship way of life done in Uzbekistan are also preferred inside Europe

The marriage clothes isn’t any not the same as Eu weddings. Brides wear enough time white gowns having veils, grooms don white or black serves.

A change from the new Soviet several months seems to be new disappearance of the lifestyle from paying kalym

Due to the fact Uzbekistan’s versatility, the wedding rate possess denied notably. During 1991 it was a dozen. it actually was simply 7.8 immediately after dropping so you’re able to half a dozen . The explanation for the brand new reduction in the amount of marriage ceremonies are most likely considering the high cost of marriage, which in the current financial status in the nation has grown to become a major financial burden for some parents.

When you look at the rural components particularly, brand new community of parents going for the upcoming companion is additionally prevalent. Occasionally, especially if the parents provides higher education, the girl herself could have a declare in the collection of her companion. In theory, although not, it is becoming out of the question to drive to own a partner with exactly who the parents do not consent. Both girls and boys, yet not, always accept so it routine and you can yield to their wishes, believing that the parents see finest what is good for their upcoming. The trouble inside locations often is some other. Right here, young people can decide their matches by themselves scottish chat room free online and decide so you can wed just after they analyze the individual better. (more…)

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