How to Develop a Successful Dating App Like Tinder/Bumble?

How to Develop a Successful Dating App Like Tinder/Bumble?

The online dating scene is booming, and apps are a popular choice for singles hoping to find new matches and pursue exciting love interests. People are more open to connecting with others via an online messaging platform before deciding whether to meet in person and build a relationship further. Apps like Tinder/Bumble are leading the market with an extensive 7.86 million mobile users in the US alone. Bumble follows Tinder at second most popular with an impressive 5.03 million. Tinder’s success is a result of the app’s sleek and engaging design and its host of unique functions and add-on features.

The Developer’s Predicament about Tinder

Although it may feel like everyone is downloading dating apps and easily making matches, there are major frustrations that have been voiced about top apps in the market. Users find that certain apps are too expensive, addictive, unsafe, boring, or limited in features, which causes them to lose interest quickly. Many of the dating app like Tinder/Bumble have gone down over the last 10 years because users frequently refuse to pay the fees for premium membership.

Tinder’s Success Story

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Online dating has become increasingly mainstream over the last decade. Platforms that facilitate online dating are no longer a last resort for people “desperate for love” but rather a fresh start for finding and forming new connections. Thanks to the Internet’s global reach, apps like Tinder are a convenient tool for the modern relationship-seeker.

Tinder’s a Name Not So Unknown

Tinder was launched in 2012 right when mobile phone adoption was continuing to climb. It was first built for iOS devices and later became available on Android and web versions as well. The initial value proposition for the app was its “double opt-in” system that only let people connect and chat based on their mutual decision to swipe and match with each other. (more…)

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