Brand new Sages forbade kiddushin courtesy sexual relationships because it seems tainted with immodesty

Brand new Sages forbade kiddushin courtesy sexual relationships because it seems tainted with immodesty

Halakhah kits you to definitely kiddushin should be accomplished “with regards to the guidelines of Moses and you may Israel,” and about three settings was in fact oriented to have kiddushin: On terminology of one’s Codification of very first Jewish Oral Rules; modified and you may setup by R

Previously, it absolutely was standard to wait for approximately per year within ceremony away from kiddushin and therefore regarding nissu’in, however, so it prepared several months was abandoned into the light of various dilemmas one arose within the consequence of the latest long-period where brand new woman are appointed on her husband, but really was taboo so you can him. Today the kiddushin and you will nissu’in are performed as part of an equivalent service. If the few need to indication a binding agreement that have the new bride’s property positively independent on the groom’s, so it needs to be done involving the kiddushin while the nissu’in areas of one’s ceremony.

The fresh ban contrary to the lady with sexual connections which have some other guy try a tight prohibition based on the fresh Torah she-bi-khetav : Lighted

Judah ha-Nasi c. 200 C.Elizabeth. Mishnah : “A woman is acquired when you look at the three ways … owing to money (kesef), using a file (shetar) and you may by way of sexual relations (bi’ah)” (Mishnah, Kiddushin 1:1). During the kiddushin by way of currency, the man gives the girl, in the presence from a couple of witnesses, currency or any other object, such as for example a ring. The bucks or other goods needs to be cherished during the no less than an excellent perutah. Inside the kiddushin by way of a file, the guy supplies the woman, regarding the exposure of one or two witnesses, a document where is created “Behold you’re mekuddeshet (sanctified) in my opinion by this document.” When you look at the kiddushin thanks to intimate relations, the person says to the girl, on presence from two witnesses, “Behold you’re mekuddeshet (sanctified) in my experience from this act out-of bi’ah,” after which, throughout the witnesses’ view, the couple sequester themselves on the reason for kiddushin, when day the person has actually intimate relationships into the lady. Nevertheless they stopped the usage of a shetar by advanced procedure for composing the latest file and you may handing they for the lady, akin to the method having planning and delivery a good out of get (statement out of divorce proceedings). Hence, it is regular to control kiddushin merely compliment of money (otherwise a ring). It is just in the outstanding circumstances your other solutions to have kiddushin are thought.

We have already noted that the legal consequence of the act of kiddushin is that the woman becomes forbidden to all other men, and is designated for the man who betrothed her. The woman cannot be freed from this man, except through divorce (receiving a get) or through his death. In the words of the Mishnah, “And she acquires herself in two ways … through divorce or through death of the husband” (Mishnah, Kiddushin 1:1). “the written Torah.” The Bible; the Pentateuch; Tanakh (the Pentateuch, Prophets and Hagiographia) Torah : the woman is deemed an adulteress and her children by this man are deemed mamzerim (bastards). Although according to Torah law a man may marry more than one wife, under a ban (herem) issued by Rabbenu Gershom (Rabbi Gershom ben Judah Me’or Ha-Golah, c. 960–1028) in the eleventh century, a husband could not take an additional wife unless he divorced his first wife or she died. The same herem also forbade a man to divorce his wife against her will. However, relations between the husband and another woman are not considered adulterous in the halakhic sense (unless she is married) and his children by a woman other than his wife are not considered bastards. The herem was accepted as binding among Ashkenazi communities but not among the Sephardi and most of the Oriental communities.

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