#7: Long-time, Zero See = Ohisashiburi Desu ???????

#7: Long-time, Zero See = Ohisashiburi Desu ???????

  • Dozo yoroshiku onegaishimasu ????????????? (so much more formal)
  • Yoroshiku onegaishimasu ?????????? (formal)
  • Dozo yoroshiku ??????? (faster official)
  • Yoroshiku ???? (casual)


Dozo is pronounced doh-zoh. Be sure to expand the original “oh” voice sometime (you can find it’s got brand new line above it to indicate this).

Yoroshiku is even obvious fairly simply: yoh-roh-shee-koo. Keep in mind that brand new “r” voice in Japanese is extremely unlike the fresh English “r.” It is a lot more like a combination ranging from a keen “r,” “l,” and “d” (like exactly how Americans pronounce the fresh “d” voice into the “ladder” or the “t” voice for the “better”).


  • This can be a go-in order to terms getting Japanese anybody, whilst suits many different types regarding items. It is a sincere (and you may questioned) solution to thank anybody ahead of time in order to address individuals you keeps only fulfilled (“Sweet to meet your”).
  • It’s prominent to say it terms if you find yourself bowing (formal) otherwise offering a mind nod and a grin (less specialized), especially when conference somebody the very first time.

The fresh new acceptance ohisashiburi desu ??????? is best interpreted while the “Lifetime, no select!” It’s also translated given that “It’s been sometime.” This is actually the phrase you use once you have not seen some body into the lengthy; you simply can’t put it to use when appointment somebody the very first time.

You’ll find various ways to say it keywords with respect to the number of formality we would like to use. Ohisashiburi desu is the authoritative adaptation. Yet not, you might shorten it in dating4disabled opinie order to hisashiburi ???? in the event the state is informal (e.g., you happen to be speaking with a pal or partner).


Ohisashiburi desu is actually noticable oh-hee-sah-shee-boo-ree-dess. Remember that the final “u” into the desu is very flaccid-so much so to basically drop they entirely. Understand that the japanese “r” voice is not including the English “r” and that is actually a great deal more closely connected with brand new “d” sound on word “ladder” (basically, it’s a combination between a “d,” “r,” and you will “l” sound).


  • Many people range from the suffix ne ? to the avoid off it acceptance; this might be exactly like asking for an indication of arrangement (like the English “you know?” or “actually they?”). You might state ohisashiburi desu ne ???????? (formal) otherwise hisashiburi ne ????? (casual).

#8: Goodbye = Sayonara ????? otherwise Shitsureishimasu ?????

You’ve almost certainly read the original of the two phrases, however, did you know it is really not always suitable to make use of sayonara ?????-while you indicate to say goodbye?

The fact is, sayonara means you are making for some time or may not be viewing whoever you may be claiming goodbye so you’re able to for a time (if you don’t again). You can view it a lot like the fresh English keyword goodbye for the reason that it is somewhat dramatic and theatrical. This means that, it is far from in fact put all of that commonly into the relaxed Japanese dialogue.

By comparison, shitsureishimasu ????? try a more specialized (and common) way of saying so long. It’s often found in metropolises including universities, offices, healthcare facilities, etcetera. There’s absolutely no implication here that you will not getting seeing the new individual again for a long time. Which words practically translates to “I’ll be rude” otherwise “Excuse me to be impolite.”


Sayonara try pronounced sah-yoh-nah-rah. Once again, do not pronounce new “r” since you carry out a keen English “r” but rather since you perform some “d” voice on the word “steps.” Definitely including be concerned the new “o” sound, because this is elongated.

Shitsureishimasu try noticable piece-soo-ray-shee-moss. As mentioned significantly more than, don’t pronounce the newest “r” sound as you do a keen English “r.” You could miss the past “u” voice, as this is extremely flaccid (this audio more like “moss,” not “moss-oo”).

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